The Reforestation Project

The No Barriers Foundation’s mission is to increase access to education around the world but every day there’s a reminder of the climate emergency we’re in.

For all the opportunity an education brings, children today are destined to live in an uninhabitable planet. Every individual, business, charity and government has a contribution to make. The Reforestation Project is ours.


In the areas where we already work, we’ll be giving local communities money to replenish  areas that have been subject to deforestation. The Reforestation Project will provide work to local people, in some cases protect against flooding and crucially absorb more of the harmful carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change.

For every £1 donated we can plant 1 tree in Asia, Africa or South America. This work is being led by local people – the trees being planted are native species and they are replacing trees that have been lost due to deforestation.

For every pound you donate, we’ll plant one tree. Play your part today.