What we’ve done

So far we’ve built new classrooms in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda and we’re laying the groundwork to build more in these countries and others in Africa.

We focus on schools in more remote areas which are oversubscribed. These are the schools which traditionally miss out on support from larger organisations because of the difficulty accessing them. They also need to be inclusive so any children in the local area can attend.

60347697_2305776476326928_3395622056413364224_nBy prioritising these schools, our work has meant that hundreds of children now have a school to attend where otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to. We keep in touch with our schools who update us on the progress of the children and suggest more ways we can work together. We post these regular updates on our social media pages.

And when we say ‘we’… none of this would be possible without the teams of volunteers, labourers and teachers who combine to make this happen. We also rely on the kindness of stranger. Online fundraisers – particularly from Twitch community (we love you!) – have raised thousands over the last couple of years and whenever money is raised, 100% of it gets sent straight to the schools we aim to help. People who donate online can usually see within weeks the impact their donations have had and we’re eternally grateful to all those who’ve donated their time or their money.