What we believe

Our approach is simple: local people know best. People living in or close to poverty know how to improve their own communities and know how to best meet the needs of their children. Local teachers know better than anyone what will improve their schools and all these people are lacking is the means to do it. Namely, money. Poverty isn’t a lack of character, it’s a lack of cash. 

52596188_2252351341669442_5897638452786102272_nWe work to empower local people by giving them the money to solve their own problems and improve their own communities. We carry out checks beforehand to prevent any mismanagement and then we approach schools and ask them what they need and, as far as we possibly can, we give them the money to do it. If it’s hiring a teacher, fixing a roof, installing wifi or building toilets, we’re here to help. This is God’s Grace school in Uganda who we continue to work with today.

The physical work is all carried out by local people too so we’re also supporting local employment. We’re basically glorified fundraisers who put money directly in to people’s hands. This approach is based on evidence and a greater number of charities, campaign groups and politicians are waking up to the fact that giving people money is the simplest, most effective way to ending poverty.