November Report – Bangladesh

Posted by on November 18, 2017

Below is an update from Israt Sharmin, our teacher in Bangladesh, on the work she has been doing with her classes in Nandipara elementary school: 

oct 2Nandipara worked on topics mainly based on syllabus this month. We made various posters and emojis (facial expressions) for decorating the classroom. Those will be used as class materials in English classes.

Students of grade 4 learnt to write, and speak on “Expressing myself”, “About yourself” and “About Your Family”.

Students of grade 2, learnt various body parts with rhymes and with the artwork class materials (facial expressions). They least 10 expressions: fine, very happy/delighted, great, sad, crying, angry, naughty, be quiet, thinking, giggling.

oct 3
Students did classes on Instructions, 18 instructions were taught, practiced in small groups taking them in front of the class and given marks to each group. Lastly, at the end of the month students did classes on reading. Reading with and without meaning was done in the class.

Grade 3 practiced instructions, reading parts and vocabulary items. They prepared own speech and reading prep on No Barriers Foundation books. Little paragraphs or lines are chosen and practiced reading and writing with and without meaning but priority was their English For today books.


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