We asked our first teacher to share her experience with No Barriers so far…

Posted by on July 1, 2017

By Israt Sharmin

fb_img_1474744647057I started my professional journey with NBF in October 2016. After completing my MA, I came to know that NBF’s collaboration with Agami Inc was looking for a passionate English teacher who would love to work for the underprivileged sector. So, I showed my interest and applied for the post. Then I got know about NBF and the people associated with this. Then I got an appointment with Mr. Kieran Roberts, Director of The No Barriers Foundation. I got selected as a part of NBF. That was a proud moment!

Now it’s almost nine months we are working together for the development at the root level of Bangladesh. Throughout my nine months journey with NBF I just felt one thing “Yes, I am lucky enough to work with such great and kind hearts”. I never felt workloads, it never seemed like a boss and employee relation. Instead it was always a friendly gesture, which always motivated me to work more.

Now to say about the books donated by NBF to Bangladesh so far, oh I really felt amazed to open those big, colourful, cute parcels, loaded with knowledge and fun. Those books just took my breath. Books could provide such impetus, I never had any idea before.

Now about the most important thing: our Ready to Read project. Working with children of Nandipara made me realize that most of the children come from a family where they are never supported to study, not with inspiring words, not with money, not with food. Nothing! Every day they face immense poverty. This social set up is totally unimaginable. They never thought of groupwork, pair work, speaking activities. I also feel like as a writer or an author here. I got the golden opportunity of working as a writer to write a dual language book, which will be published soon by NBF for the primary level students of Bangladesh. I and Mr. Roberts have already gone through several scripts and drafts. We added various English language items there for the children to practice. We kept in mind their backgrounds, while writing the script. Out plot is a very simple and easy one. And the countdown for the publication has already been started!


So, in a word working with NBF is working as a team, where every person is an amazing one, all dedicated souls are here together promised to make our planet a better one, where we believe every human being has right to get the fundamental needs, and one of them is quality education.

NBF is an open space for me where I can utilize my potentials and emerge with many more, in a free and friendly environment. I am proud to be a part of it.

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