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Posted by on April 13, 2017

After seeing the incredible impact our first teacher has had in our partner school in Bangladesh, we’re determined to hire more teachers in developing countries around the world.

Israt, our first teacher, at work in Nandipara.

We work closely with local communities and always require them to have a stake in our projects. To that end, if you raise £1500 for The No Barriers Foundation, we can employ a local, qualified teacher for one year.

The power of one teacher is immeasurable; once we hire a teacher we continue their training and provide them with all the materials they need to ensure effective learning takes place in their classrooms.

So how can you help?










We make any amount go a long way and because no one at The No Barriers Foundation takes a salary, every penny you raise will go towards our work in Bangladesh, Kenya and Tanzania.

Can you raise enough to help us employ another teacher? Get started here!


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