Our first teacher!

Posted by on September 25, 2016

To improve the impact of our Ready to Read project, the NBF team recently decided with Agami Inc. to recruit and train a local teacher in Bangladesh. We’re delighted to announce that after a tough selection process, Israt Sharmin is our first hire!


Israt has gained postgraduate degrees from the University of Dhaka in linguistics and is an active member of the Bangladesh English Language Teacher’s Association.

We were determined to hire someone high-calibre and local to the area. Israt meets all those criteria and more. Through continued training with NBF and the local school, we’re confident we can really improve the quality of education and outcomes for the kids in the school.

Israt said the following:

“I’m really excited to join the NBF and Agami teams and I’m keen to start leading on the Ready to Read project. Teaching is my passion. As we all know new technology is common but new thinking is very rare. So I am very enthusiastic and confident that the program will be a milestone for the teaching and learning process in Bangladesh.” 

As we welcome Israt to the team, we’re keen to employ and train more local teachers in Bangladesh. You can help us to do that here. We’ll keep you updated as the project progresses!


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    Fahad Faishal
    September 25, 2016


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